Guide to Medellín Language Exchange Nights: Practice Your Spanish

Medellin offers a wide variety of language exchange nights where foreigners can go to practice their Spanish and meet new people.

El Dorado Spanish School: Spanish Classes Designed for You

El Dorado Spanish School is located in Envigado and was founded three years ago by a Colombian-Polish couple, Robinson and Ewa.

Top 5 Spanish Mistakes That Make You Sound Like a Gringo

Improve your Spanish and learn to speak more like a local by avoiding these five common grammatical mistakes.

What To Expect When Practicing Spanish in Medellín

From approaching locals to Colombians’ reactions to foreign accents: what you need to know if you’re practicing Spanish in Medellín.

Colombian Spanish: A Book For Easing Into Local Lingo

Colombian Spanish by Pete Low is a book to help those looking to speak the language like a local Colombian, with phrases, expressions and small talk hacks.

Total Spanish: Learn Spanish in Medellín

Opened in 2015 and located on Vía Primavera near Parque Lleras, Total Spanish is one of Medellín’s newest language schools.

How I Learned Spanish in a Month in Medellín

Connor Grooms learned Spanish to a B1 conversational level in a month and made the film, “Spanish in a Month: A Documentary About Language Learning.”

Colombia Immersion: Beyond the Traditional Language School

Colombia Immersion is a new Spanish school that began with a simple but ambitious goal: to bridge the gap between the typical classroom and fluency.

Socializing in Medellín: A Spanish Survival Guide

In order to socialize in Medellín, Spanish isn’t enough. The secret lies in knowing the local slang. Here’s a quick Colombian Spanish survival guide.

Spanish Classes in Medellín at Centro Interactivo de Español

Ryan takes a closer look at the Centro Interactivo de Español, a great place to take Spanish classes in Medellín for all the foreigners in the city.