The Best Parks in Medellin

Ryan’s picks for the top five parks in Medellin, including Parque El Salado in Envigado, Parque Arvi and Parque de los Descalzos.

Buenos Aires: Underrated and Undiscovered

Ryan explores Buenos Aires, a comuna just east of downtown Medellin.

Romero Cocina Artesanal

Located in Poblado, Romero Cocina Artesanal is a popular Mediterranean-style restaurant specializing in thin crust pizzas.

Colombia Explained: The FARC

This is a 12-minute history of the FARC, who have waged civil war in Colombia for the last 50 years, and are currently in peace talks with the government. President Santos is banking on the peace process for his re-election this year, but there are a lot of powerful forces who’d rather see the war […]

Plaza Minorista: A Farmer’s Market in El Centro

Ryan explores Plaza Minorista, a farmer’s market in downtown Medellin full of fresh meat and produce.

Sushi Taste: A Japanese Restaurant, Born from Benihana

Ryan discovers Japanese food at Sushi Taste, a new Laureles restaurant that features teppanyaki too.

Medellin Events: August 2013

This year, the full schedule of events for La Feria de las Flores is taking place in August. There are literally hundreds of events associated with the annual Flower Festival, so listing them all would be impossible, but we’ve put together the highlights below, including the biggest parades and concerts, as well as a link […]

Joining Dinamo Gym In Envigado

Dinamo gym is a small neighborhood gym in Envigado’s barrio La Magnolia.

Fitness Revolution

If I am going to be living in Medellin, then I need to start changing my habits. Improving my health seems like a great place to start. My first visit to the Bodytech gym went exhaustingly well. I was almost immediately greeted by one of the many personal trainers who circulate around the floor. I […]

Joining Bodytech Gym

On Friday afternoon, I walked up Calle 10 from Casa Kiwi Hostel and toured the Bodytech gym in Vizcaya. I learned of it’s proximity from a few other guys in the hostel who had been working out there during the week, though I saw them in Bogota as well. It was big, and all the […]