Joining Dinamo Gym In Envigado

Dinamo gym is a small neighborhood gym in Envigado’s barrio La Magnolia.

Fitness Revolution

If I am going to be living in Medellin, then I need to start changing my habits. Improving my health seems like a great place to start. My first visit to the Bodytech gym went exhaustingly well. I was almost immediately greeted by one of the many personal trainers who circulate around the floor. I […]

Joining Bodytech Gym

On Friday afternoon, I walked up Calle 10 from Casa Kiwi Hostel and toured the Bodytech gym in Vizcaya. I learned of it’s proximity from a few other guys in the hostel who had been working out there during the week, though I saw them in Bogota as well. It was big, and all the […]