Colombian Currency, Avoiding Counterfeits and Exchanging Money

Colombian Currency

Jeff looks at Colombian currency in circulation and also avoiding counterfeits plus exchanging money in Colombia.

PriceSmart Warehouse Club Opens Store

Inside PriceSmart

A new, large PriceSmart warehouse club recently opened in Medellín with good prices and a wide selection of imported items.

Medellín Furnished Apartment Rental Costs

A typical furnished apartment living room

Jeff surveyed 300 apartments in Medellín to find out what the Medellín furnished apartment rental costs are in several neighborhoods in the city.

Cable TV and Internet Providers in Medellín

Claro Store in Los Molinos mall

There are two major TV and Internet providers in Medellín that offer triple play TV, Internet and phone services: Claro and UNE.

Buying a Computer or Tablet in Colombia

iMacs for sale at Falabella

It is possible to buy computer or tablet in Colombia for similar prices as the U.S. due to computers and tablets being exempt from the IVA tax in Colombia.

Puerta del Norte: The Largest Mall in Bello

Puerta del Norte, the largest mall in Bello

Puerta del Norte is the largest mall in Bello and is perhaps the largest mall in the Medellín metro area that hasn’t yet been discovered by many foreigners.

Apartment Rental Costs in Medellín

Apartment buildings in Lomo de Los Bernal, a barrio in Belén

Jeff surveyed the rental costs of 600 apartments in Medellín to determine accurate apartment rental costs in several neighborhoods in the city.

Unicentro: A Western-Style Mall in Laureles

Main Entrance to Centro Comerical Unicentro in Medellín

Centro Comercial Unicentro is the only Western-style mall located in the community of Laureles in Medellín.

Shopping at Oviedo, El Poblado’s Oldest Mall

Centro Comerical Oviedo in Medellín

Centro Comercial Oviedo is one of a handful of big malls in the city and the first one in El Poblado, although Centro Comercial Santafé is now the biggest.

Shopping at Monterrey, Medellín’s Technology Mall

Monterrey mall in Medellín

Monterrey is a unique mall in Medellín and is probably the best place to go in Medellín when trying to locate a hard-to-find technology product.