Los Molinos: The Only Western-Style Mall in Belén

Los Molinos, Belén’s only mall

Los Molinos is the only Western-style mall located in Belén. This is somewhat surprising considering that Belén is Medellín’s largest comuna.

Starbucks in Bogotá: The First Starbucks Store in Colombia

Starbucks in Bogotá – the first store in Colombia

Starbucks opened its first store in Bogotá on July 16 to long lines and I had the opportunity to visit about two weeks after the opening.

Parque Norte: Medellín’s Year-Round Amusement Park

Entrance to Parque Norte

Parque Norte is Medellín’s amusement park close to Parque Explora and the Botanical Gardens. It’s popular with families and can be a good place for a date.

Robledo: Medellín’s Third Largest Comuna

View from Cerro El Valador in Robledo, looking Southeast

Robledo is the third largest comuna in Medellín but isn’t known well by foreigners. It is home to Cerro El Volador, the largest hill and park in Medellín.

Shopping at Florida Parque, Medellín’s Newest Mall

Florida Parque, Medellín’s newest mall

Florida Parque is the newest shopping mall in Medellín but isn’t located in El Poblado. Florida Parque is located near Cerro El Volador in Robledo.

Cost of Living in Medellín for a Couple

View from my current apartment, looking east – Los Molinos mall is on the left

Jeff shares the cost of living in Medellín, Colombia he has experienced for a couple living together in Medellín over the past year.

Taking Spanish Classes at Universidad EAFIT

EAFIT entrance on east side of campus, close to the Languages office

Jeff has been taking Spanish classes at Universidad EAFIT in Medellín for almost a year and looks at EAFIT’s Spanish language program and his experiences.

Apartment Rental Guide: Costs and Lessons Learned

Shopping for furniture at Fabricas Unidas

Part four in this apartment rental series looks at Jeff’s costs over three years for renting unfurnished apartments in Medellín plus his furnishing costs.

Apartment Rental Guide: Finding the Perfect Apartment

My third apartment's pool with a view

Part three in this apartment rental series looks at Jeff’s experience in quickly hunting for his third apartment in Medellín and finding the perfect fit.

Apartment Rental Guide: Handling Utilities and Shopping for Furniture

View from my second apartment looking towards Medellín

This looks at my experience in furnishing my first Medellín apartment and is the second example rental in a 4-part guide to renting apartments in Medellín.